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We are mapping trails across Canada in order to empower people of all abilities to discover the accessible outdoors. 

Access to accessibility information helps to reduce anxiety and risk of experiencing barriers, promoting safe and inclusive adventures for all.

With your help we are mapping accessible trails.


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Will my tracking progress be saved if I don't have internet?

If you happen to lose internet signal while out on a trail, don’t worry! Your progress will be saved on your phone until your internet signal returns, and you are able to perform an upload. Once you have successfully uploaded your progress, all of the mapping data you collected will be deleted from your phone. 

What happens if I lose GPS signal while tracking?

If you lose GPS signal while tracking, the app will notify you with a red notification banner, and the blue dot that represents you will stop moving.


If you are in an area with clear temporary no signal (a short underground passage, under a bridge tunnel, a thick tree canopy etc.,) continue on your journey until your GPS signal resumes. 

If you are in an open area, check that your location is enabled in your settings and permissions. If your settings are enabled and you still have no GPS connection, please call your AccessNow primary contact.

It is important to ensure your GPS signal is connected while mapping, as all of the marks you collect depend on your latitude and longitude. 

I can't see myself on the map. How do I connect my GPS?

If you open the app while you are indoors, the GPS signal may not be able to detect where you are. On the odd occasion that your map does not load correctly and you are unable to see your live location, please relocate or step outside and try to reload.

Please make sure your location is enabled in your phone’s settings and permissions. 

How much battery do I need to use the app?

Mapping is hard work! Make sure to bring an extra charger or battery pack just in case you need it on your journey.

I have no signal where I am mapping. What should I do?

Trail lines will be available as geojson files that you can save and upload to your phone, via the AccessOutdoors app, ahead of time. These files will be sent to your email before your mapping day.

Is my phone compatible for mapping?

The minimum operating systems to be able to use the AccessOutdoors app are the following:

  • iOS 11
  • Android 7

If you have a phone model that is not compatible with the AccessOutdoors app, please reach out to your primary contact at AccessNow as soon as possible. 

How will I know if my upload was successful?

An auto-upload is performed every 15 minutes. The uploads send all of your collected tracking progress to the cloud. When you click “Stop Tracking” at the end of your mapping journey, a modal will pop up as your data is being uploaded and will then notify you once it has successfully completed.

Can I edit or delete a mark?

This feature is coming soon! Stay tuned for new updates. We are constantly making improvements.

Where do my photos and videos go?

The photos and videos you upload while mapping are directly sent to our cloud.

How do I upload a trail line?

Trail lines will be available as geoJson files that you can manually upload into the AccessOutdoors app. To do this, simply save the geoJson file to your local device’s storage. Next, open the AccessOutdoors app. Scroll to the bottom of the trail menu and click the option to “Upload Trail”. Choose the selected file from your storage and voila! Now you can start tracking.

How do I know if I am following the right directions?

The trail lines will be shown in gray for the path you are to follow. Also make sure to pay attention to trail signage when you are out in the field.

Once you start tracking, the app will begin to draw a blue line behind you in real time to display your movements. 

How much available storage do I need on my phone?

For longer trails you’ll need a few hundred megabytes of available space on your phone. Once you successfully upload your data at the end of the mapping day, all of the data will be deleted and cleared from your phone, freeing your storage space. 

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