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Accessibility Definitions

Here is a full list of all the different terms we use
to describe aspects of accessibility on AccessNow app


A green pin on our map represents an accessible location. These are places without barriers. Experiences may vary from person to person but we generally say that accessible places are those that you can get in with ease, and party no problem.

Partially Accessible

A yellow pin on our map represents a location that is partially accessible. Yellow locations often have alternative entrances or limited access within the space, such as steps inside or narrow hallways. Not everything about these places is barrier-free.

Not Accessible

A red pin on our map represents a location that is not accessible. Find a red pin on our map? Help spread the word on social media  and let’s make change happen. The more we raise awareness about inaccessible places the closer we are to breaking barriers.


Full List of Accessibility Tags

Accessible Parking

Refers to parking spaces that are marked accessible because they are wider for vehicle ramps and lifts. These spots usually offer ease of access to the main location

Accessible Washroom

An accessible washroom often includes the following features: a designated accessible stall or a family style singular room. Accessible washrooms have step-free access, are typically more spacious, have grab bars and barrier free access to sinks

Alternative Entrance

An alternate accessible entrance is available usually at the side or back of a building. Alternative entrances might include features like a ramp or entryway at street-level

ASL (Sign Language)

ASL is the short form for “American Sign Language.” A location tagged with ASL is a place that has an ASL interpreter available on staff or available by request

Automatic Door

There is an automatic door present (usually at the entrance of the location). An automatic door may be activated by a button, gesture, or simply by moving close enough to the door


There is braille present. This could be on menus, washroom signs, price tags, location signage, etc.


There is an elevator available to provide access to other levels of the location. Elevators can also come in the form of stairlifts if noted in the description

Large Print

This could be on menus, washroom signs, price tags, location signage, etc.

Outdoor Access Only

Access to services are available, but only outdoors. Could include restaurant patios, park space, concert venues, etc.


There is a quiet area available, or the entire location is a low-noise environment (like a museum)


A ramp is one of the most common accessibility features.  A ramp creates a gradual change in grade, sometimes over steps, to create a barrier-free experience


The location is clearly marked as a scent-free environment or it is written into a company policy, meaning heavy perfumes and other strong scents are not permitted

Service Animal Friendly

The location supports people to be accompanied by their service animals 


Spacious locations have enough room to maneuver within the location, such as wide hallways or places with large turning radiuses 

StopGap Ramp

StopGap Ramps are brightly painted awareness raising ramps provided by the StopGap Foundation. Learn More


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