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At AccessNow we are mapping parks and trails to empower people with disabilities to discover the accessible outdoors, self-assess and trip plan. Access to information helps reduce anxiety and risk of experiencing barriers, promoting safe and inclusive adventures for all.

two people look out over a park at the city of calgary.  on a sunny day. one person is sitting on a power wheelchair.

Accessible Parks & Trails

camille is smiling as she sits in her hand cycle in a wooded area

Our Program

How It Works

The AccessOutdoors Program is designed to help parks and trail organizations map and assess accessibility, engage local stakeholders, and share information to support visitors with diverse access needs.

Understand the Land

First step is to gather information about the size and complexity of your property.

Map for Accessibility

Using the AccessOutdoors collector tool, we engage locals from our networks to conduct a mapping assessment.

Review Results

Review all findings from the mapping assessment to better uncover all aspects of accessibility.

Publish and Promote

Publish your Verified results on the AccessNow platform and begin engaging visitors to discover your area.

Our Tech tool

AO Collector

Using the AccessOutdoors collector tool, we capture real-time insight shared by people with disabilities in collaboration with organizations across North America.

Once captured, unique insight about trails is shared on the AccessNow platform where users can discover accessibility reviews regarding slope, terrain, access points, points of interest, amenities and more. 

Mapping accessible landscapes through the lens of disability

image of woman sitting in her wheelchair showing their phone screen with access outdoors map view showing a blue trail line.

Our Mappers

Real people, real insight. We value building local capacity by engaging with organizations everywhere. Our mapping ambassadors share lived experience insights.

two caucasian women smiling in the sun, one on a bike, one on a hand cycle

Lisa & ADELE

Elbow, SK

aaron, left, is smiling holding his walking cane, and alex, right, is smiling in her wheelchair

Aaron & Alex

Calgary, AB

kim, left, smiles in her hand cycle, ormond, right, stands next to her on a boardwalk

Kim & OrMOND

Nelson, BC

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