Mapping Our Cities For All


How Accessible Are Our Cities?

One billion people live with a disability around the world today, yet nobody really knows how accessible, or rather inaccessible, our cities actually are. It’s time for some answers so we’re on a mission to map cities across Canada.

Every review added to our platform is one more instance of advocacy, one more experience that highlights the accessibility of a place. With each new review, we get that much closer to answering the question:

How accessible are the places where we live, work, and play?


What is a MapMission

A MapMission is an event that puts the power of action in your hands. Think of it like an accessibility scavenger hunt. MapMissions bring people together to rate places in real-time on the AccessNow app

The Game Plan

Step 1

Summer 2021 our teams reviewed accessibility of
all commercial and public spaces in Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary in our biggest MapMission to date across Canada.

Step 2

2021-2022 AccessNow will analyze information from our mappers to derive observations about how accessible each city is based on a variety of features.

Step 3

In 2022 we will share our findings and results on the state of accessibility with Canada and the world.

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