AccessNow Technology

There is a significant data gap of information related to accessibility of the built environment. The world doesn’t actually know how and what is accessible to people with disabilities.

What we do know is that accessibility can mean different things to different people. In order to develop solutions that are inherently inclusive, we must design our technology to listen and learn from the needs of people with disabilities.

When designed inclusively, technology has the incredible power to empower people of all abilities to achieve. At AccessNow everything we build embodies a ”nothing about us without us” approach.

Our Data Philosophy 

At AccessNow we are building a connected ecosystem – empowering people with disabilities globally by connecting consumers, companies, governments, engineers and entrepreneurs with our intelligent, anonymized data resource.


Our patent pending technology uses AI and machine learning to understand and predict how accessible the world really is based on a variety of sensor data.

We work closely with our community to train our models to accurately learn from the lived experience of people with disabilities in order to develop ethical and inclusive AI.