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Before the day

Virtual Kick-Off: Begin with a Bang!

Join us for the grand kick-off of MapMission, where participants from coast to coast come together for a celebratory start. Hosted by Maayan Ziv, founder and CEO of AccessNow, and featuring special guests from our community, this virtual gathering sets the stage for an exciting day of accessibility mapping.

Don’t miss the chance to connect with fellow participants, hear inspiring stories, and kick off MapMission Day in style. Get ready to make history together!

Thurs, March 21, 2024

Official Time TBA

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MapMission Day

Ways to Play on MapMission Day

MapMission Day is happening across Canada and you have the freedom to choose how you want to participate in the big event! Here are the two exciting options:

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Join a Community Meetup

Connect with fellow participants at one of our flagship meetups for a collaborative mapping experience. Share ideas, explore the city together, and make a difference as a team.

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Map in your own Neighbourhood

Can’t make it to a meet-up? No problem! Map accessibility in your own neighborhood at your own pace. Your contributions from anywhere in Canada or beyond are invaluable.

Accessnow app

One App, Endless Impact

To make the most impact on MapMission Day, the AccessNow app is your essential tool. It’s not just an app; it’s the heart of our mission. Download it now to contribute accessibility reviews and be part of the movement. Your reviews empower us to create a more accessible Canada. Join us, download the app, and let’s map accessibility together!


image of iPhone with accessnow app on screen, showing a map of green and red pins


A green pin on our map represents an accessible location. These are places without barriers. Experiences may vary from person to person but we generally say that accessible places are those that you can get in with ease, and party no problem.

Partially Accessible

A yellow pin on our map represents a location that is partially accessible. Yellow locations often have alternative entrances or limited access within the space, such as steps inside or narrow hallways. Not everything about these places is barrier-free.

Not Accessible

A red pin on our map represents a location that is not accessible. Find a red pin on our map? Help spread the word on social media  and let’s make change happen. The more we raise awareness about issues, the closer we are to breaking barriers.

Click here for a full list of accessibility tags and definitions

How to Add a Review on AccessNow App

On MapMission Day, we’re on a mission to share insights about the accessibility of places across Canada and beyond. Your contributions are essential! Use the AccessNow app to add valuable information in four ways:

Add a RATing

Select the most appropriate level of accessibility of the location: Accessible, Partially Accessible, or Not Accessible. Remember, you are rating based on your own understanding.

Take photos

Add photos of the place you are reviewing to help highlight aspects of accessibility. Snap and share pics of the good or the not so good to help others understand what to expect.

Select Tags

Take note of the accessibility features you see and select all the tags applicable to the specific location you are rating such as accessible washroom, ramp, automatic door, elevator, and more.

Describe what you experience

Describe the place in your own words.  This is your chance to add as much or as little as you want. Things to note can include friendly staff, table heights, and so much more. Contribute your unique perspective and share whatever you think is helpful.

MapMission Day Tips

Preparing for MapMission Day is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.  Discover key tips to make the most of this exciting adventure of accessibility mapping and community connection

Wear Comfortable Clothing

You’ll be on the move, exploring your neighborhood. Wear comfortable clothing to keep you at ease throughout the day.

Expect the Elements

Be prepared for the weather because afterall it is Canada! Whether it’s sun or rain, MapMission Day will be happening across the country,

Charge Your Phone

Your smartphone is your impact tool. Make sure it’s fully charged and consider bringing a portable charger to keep it powered up.

Respect Operating Businesses

As you enter and observe accessibility features within businesses, please be respectful of their operations.

Come with an Open Mind

This day is not just about mapping accessibility; it’s an opportunity to learn, connect, and share experiences. 

Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget to bring water to stay hydrated during your mapping journey. It’s essential to keep energized throughout the day.

Make it Social

Social media plays a role in the success of MapMission Day by spreading awareness and inviting others to be part of the inclusion revolution. We’ve created a collection of social media assets for you to download and share. Use #MapMission when you post!

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InStagram – Post

Instagram – Stories


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