Quick tips and tricks to make your mission a huge success

Speaking with Businesses

Congratulations! You’re about to kick-off your MapMission and we couldn’t be more excited to have you and your team join our global community. As you prepare for your day, you’ll want to consider how to approach each location as no two locations are going to be the same. The type of location, entrance and ownership will vary and we want to make sure you have as much success as possible.

1. Assess

When you get to a location you’d like to map, observe as much as you can from the outside and the inside, but plan to add your review once you’ve finished assessing and have exited the location.

2. Approach

When adding a review, you are not obligated to ask permission or talk about your MapMission. 

When appropriate, you are encouraged to ask staff about accessibility features that may not be visibile. 


3. Explain

There may be moments when you want to share some details about your MapMission with a business you are rating.

Explaining your goal can grant you access to more detailed information about a space as well as help generate awareness about the importance of accessibility.

“Hi, I’m <name> and I’m on a mission to share information about accessibility of places in the neighbourhood. We are using the AccessNow app to map the area so that people with disabilities, families and friends can discover what places are accessible. Can we quickly look around? We’ll be out of here in less than 5 minutes.”

- Stacey, MapMission Participant

Not sure what else to say?
Here are a few quick ‘soundbites’ to use if you’re pressed for more information about AccessNow or MapMissions:

About AccessNow

“AccessNow is contributing to an accessible world by providing vital information on the places where we live, work, and play.”

“The AccessNow app uses crowdsourcing to collect and share accessibility information on an interactive map.”

“The app is designed to empower people around the world who live with disabilities to live more independently by providing current and reliable information on the accessibility status of places.”



About MapMissions

“We are mapping places in the neighbourhood on AccessNow. Our only goal is to share information about accessibility.”

“Our team is volunteering our time to help create awareness about how accessible Toronto really is.”

“We’d love to highlight your business on the app to let people know how accessible this place is.”

“You can find out more about AccessNow on the website at”