AccessNow began with the need to solve my own problem. As someone living with a disability since birth I became so frustrated with the lack of accessibility in my life that I grew motivated to do something about it.

Since then AccessNow has grown to become a movement to empower people with disabilities all around the world. We all want to experience joy, we all have hopes and dreams, desires and wishes, we all enjoy the company of good friends and family, and the thrills that life has to offer. My dream is to realize a day where we all have access now.

Building an accessibility movement is a pretty big deal, and there’s no doubt it takes a village to make it happen. Your support will have a direct impact by helping to create a more accessible world and educate thousands of people in over 107 countries (and counting).

With every donation we receive we get that much closer to realizing a truly inclusive vision, where people of all abilities are empowered to live freely, independently, and achieve their dreams. We all benefit from accessibility, whether we are pushing a stroller, enduring an injury, or simply getting older.

Together, we are building a worldwide community passionate about change: we are sharing information worldwide, and raising the profile of what it means to be truly accessible for over 1 billion people who experience disability every day.

With your help, we will create access now.

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With the utmost gratitude,

I want to thank you on behalf of our entire community, volunteers, friends and supporters!

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