Almost always people with disabilities are poorly represented in media. Disability is used as a trope, or an appeal to emotion, resulting in ableist perspectives that reinforce tired stereotypes. But sometimes marketing folks get it right, and its like a breath of fresh air. Today we are celebrating those moments where disability isn’t really the focus, it isn’t the OH-MY-GOD-WHEELCHAIR play to emotion, or the sad crap we are so used to seeing. This week after the watching the opening of the Rio 2016 Paralympics, this Maltesers ad premiered and quickly became the hot topic on social media. This viral candy ad is a far more authentic portrayal of how people with disabilities actually interact with their friends. It’s frank, dirty, and hilarious – all the things AccessNow loves most. Bravo Maltesers, we salute you.
There are two more ads in the series, equally as brilliant
Scope is the mastermind agency behind the new ads. Here is a look behind the scenes with commentary:



The Maltesers ads blow all the rest out of the water, hands down no competition, but here are a couple more videos we feel have done a pretty good job at telling a story…something all good ads aim to do (disability related or not).



This Guinness one maybe plays to an unnecessary pull on heart strings…but its also a pretty good ad!