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Want to add pins to the AccessNow map on our website? It’s super easy, just follow these quick steps:

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Step 1: Focus on the general area of the map

Step 2: Search the name or address of the place you want to add. This search function works just like Google Maps (because it is Google Maps).

Step 3: Briefly describe the place.

  • Do you need to go through an obstacle course to get inside?
  • What is the space like?
  • Customer service?
  • Washroom accessibility (stall vs individual room)? etc.

These are the types of details you can add here. Feel free to add as much or as little as you like.

Step 4: Type of Place. Choose from the following 4 categories

  • Accessible – These are places with full access. Locations might not have automatic doors, but we can get in, party, and go home with no problem.
  • Partially Accessible – Locations often have alternative entrances or limited access within the space, such as steps or raised areas.
  • Patio Only (Outdoor access only) – Locations that usually offer access to an outdoor patio area on street level.
  • Not Accessible – Places that suck.

Step 5: Add all the tags that describe the place. These help us to find places by tags such as washroom, automatic doors, etc.

Step 6: Click add a place…and you are done!